Thrive Product Nutrition Facts

by naomi andrick

Week of: 12/22/21

Healthy Kung Pao Chicken- Calories: 334 Pro:39 Carb:23 Fiber:5 Sugar:9 Fat:5

Buffalo Stuffed Chicken Breast-Calories:313 Pro:40 Carbs:25 Fiber:4 Sugar:11 Fat:6

Lean Beef Stew-Calories: 300 Pro:24 Carb:25 Fiber:5 Sugar:9 Fat:11

Spinach and Cheese Quiche- Calories: 280 Pro:33 Carbs:22 Fiber:4 Sugar:7 Fat:7

Oatmeal Protein Cream Pies-Calories: 178 Pro:20 Carb:27 Fiber:3 Sugar:4 Fat:3

Pumpkin Cranberry Spice Muffins-Calories:1

98 Pro:17 Carb:30 Fiber:3 Sugar:5 Fat:2

Pumpkin Banana Bread-Calories:158 Pro:15 Carb:21 Fiber:3 Sugar:6 Fat:2

Strawberry Oatmeal Bars-Calories:126 Pro:15 Carbs:12 Fiber:2 Sugar:3 Fat:2

WEEK OF: 12/27/21

Thrive Protein Fudge:Calories:80 Pro:6 Carb:9 Fiber:4 Sugar:2 Fat:3(each)

Strawberry Stuffed French Toast:Calories:311 Pro:32 Carbs:35 Fiber:5 Sugar:10 Fat:5 

Mexican Stuffed Peppers:Calories: 261 Pro:36 Carb:26 Fiber:7 Sugar:6 Fat:2

Eggroll Bowl:Calories: 217 Pro:32 Carbs:8 Sugar:2 Fiber:3 Fat:6

Creamy Chicken Stew:Calories: 280 Pro:36 Carb :24 Fiber:5 Sugar:13 Fat:5

Double Choco Brownies/Muffins:Calories:162 Pro:14 Carb:20 Fiber:5 Sugar:4 Fat:4

BBQ Chicken Dinner:Calories:298 Pro:39 Carbs:25 Fiber:5 Sugar:5 Fat:6

Protein Pita Chips:Calories: 75 Pro:7 Carbs:9 Fiber:5 Sugar:0 Fat:3 (Per 10 chips)

WEEK OF 1/3/22:

Chicken Pad Thai:Calories: 335 Pro:46 Carb:25 Fiber:8 Sugar:8 Fat:6

Spin,Aspar, and Cheese Stuffed Chicken:Calories:278 Pro:42 Carb:19 Fiber:6 Sugar:5 Fat:4

Chicken Burger:Calories: 282 Pro:38 Carb:16 Fiber:6 Sugar:7 Fat:7

Buffalo Meatballs:Calories: 283 Pro:43 Carbs:16 Fiber:6 Sugar:5 Fat:5

Immunity Detox Soup:Calories:240 Pro:34 Carbs:19 Fiber:3 Sugar:6 Fat:3

Blueberry Breakfast Bars:Calories: 171 Pro:16 Carbs:28 Fiber:3 Sugar:7 Fat:1

Apple Crumble Bars:Calories:151 Pro:9 Carb:22 Fiber:3 Sugar:7 Fat:1

CInnamon Pita Chips:Calories:181 Pro:20 Carbs:24 Fiber:4 Sugar:6 (natural) Fat:4

WEEK OF 1/10:

White Bean Chili: Calories:310 Pro:39 Carb:29 Fiber:8 Sugar:10 Fat:4

Teriyaki Salmon:Calories:313 Pro:29 Carb:25 Fiber:4 Sugar:4 Fat:11

Chicken Caesar Pasta:Calories: 355 Pro:50 Carbs:25 Fiber:8 Sugar:6 Fat:6

Pizza Zucchini Boat:Calories:277 Pro:37 Carb:11 Fiber:3 Sugar:6 Fat:8

Chicken and Brocc Mac and cheese:Calories:296 Pro:38 Carb:26 Fiber:5 Sugar:3 Fat:3

Gingerbread with Cr cheese Frosting: Calories: 166 Pro:14 Carbs:20 Fiber:3 Sugar:8 Fat:3

Banana Choco Bars: Calories:143 Pro:13 Carb:18 Fiber:5 Sugar:2 Fat:3

WEEK OF 1/18/22:

Shrimp Cauliflower Veggie Bowl: Calories:233 Pro:25 Carb:21 Fiber:5 Sugar:5 Fat:6

Margharita Chicken: Calories:303 Pro:42 Carbs:17 Fiber:5 Sugar:3 Fat:9

Pulled Pork Burrito Bowl: Calories:359 Pro:40 Carbs:27 Fiber:9 Sugar:4 Fat:10

Pulled Chicken Burrito Bowl: Calories:288 Pro:35 Carbs:36 Fiber:9 Sugar:4 Fat:4

Apple Cinnamon Pancakes: Calories:390 Pro:45 Carbs:36 Fiber:5 Sugar:7 Fat:8

Cranberry Orange Bread: Calories:141 Pro:12 Carbs:20 Fiber:3 Sugar:3 Fat:1

Lemon Poppyseed Zucchini Bread: Calories:232 Pro:19 Carbs:38 Fiber:6 Sugar:3 Fat:2

Kale, Chicken Sausage, White bean Veggie soup: Calories:321 Pro:32 Carbs:

 WEEK OF 1/24/22:

Maple Bourbon Meatloaf:Calories:360 Pro:39 Carb:27 Fiber:8 Sugar:7 Fat:8

PB Protein Cups:Per piece: Calories: 62 Pro:7 Carb:3 Fiber:2 Sugar:0 Fat:3

Lemon Chicken spaghetti Squash:Calories:295 Pro:43 Carbs:13 FIber:4 Sugar:12 Fat:7

Chicken Salad wraps/pitas:Calories: 268 Pro:39 Carb:15 Fiber:5 Sugar:5 Fat:7

Asian Beef and Broccoli:Calories: 232 Pro:32 Carbs:11 Fiber:2 Sugar:1 Fat:12

Pumpkin Banana Bread:Calories:158 Pro:15 Carb:21 Fiber:3 Sugar:6 Fat:2

Enchilada Soup:Calories: 355 Pro:41 Carbs39 (22 impact-17 grams fiber) Sugar: 15 (natural veggies and tomatoes-no added) Fat:5

Zucchini Cake:Calories:215 Pro:19 Carb:26 Fiber:2 Sugar:7 Fat:5