About Thrive

Welcome to Thrive Meals! My name is Naomi.

I Love that you have found us, and hope that we can find a way to make your life a little bit easier And healthier! I have worked as a nutritionist for years with personal clients, and I absolutely love helping people to find the best ways to improve their lives through both the foods they eat and  increased activity. The number one challenges I have found that equally impact long term change are: lack of time to prepare meals, and missing out on certain foods that are enjoyed, but  generally unhealthy. My constant goal is to try and make Feeling Good through our nutrition Easier. And this is where Thrive Meals came about!

Meals to fit your personal needs and goals.  High protein, moderate carbohydrates, fiber rich, low natural sugars, and low healthy fats.

At Thrive, we aim to give you back the foods you love, the time you spend making them, and the health that you deserve.